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Arrivals Departures and Parking

  1. The designated area for discharge and pick-up of YOPW students is the bus tunnel on the side of the school. If you prefer to park and escort your child in and out of the building, you may enter the building using the doors adjacent to the auditorium.
  2. Please do not park, wait, discharge, or pick up students in the lanes outside the auditorium entrance. This area is poorly lit, and vehicular traffic here creates a hazard for our students. Vehicles stopped here block the view of oncoming traffic for students and parents who are walking between the building and the parking lot. Vehicles that discharge or wait to pick up students in this area will be reminded to move to the bus tunnel.
  3. Gar-Field High School prohibits parents or students from parking or standing in the area between the entrance road and the loading dock area. Please do not drive into the area unless:
    • You are dropping off or picking up materials required for rehearsal or concert support;
    • You have a handicapped permit;
    • You have received explicit permission from the Executive Director to enter this space; or
    • You are loading or unloading a bass or percussion equipment. (If you are carting a bass or percussion equipment, please enter the area only when you are ready to load or unload. When waiting to load, do not wait in this area; park your vehicle in the lot until your student is ready to depart.)
  4. There is a great deal of pedestrian traffic all night at rehearsals, and the lot is poorly lit beyond the loading dock area. When you are entering or leaving the parking lot, please drive slowly to protect the safety of our students. As an additional precaution, we urge parents of younger students to escort their children to and from the building.