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  1. An ensemble cannot properly prepare for a performance unless all its members work together at rehearsals. For this reason, attendance at all rehearsals and concerts is required, except in cases of illness or family emergencies. Musicians are expected to be punctual and to remain for the duration of all rehearsals and concerts.
  2. Students are to be in their seats, ready to tune ten minutes before the start of rehearsals and at the specified time following breaks. Two (2) late arrivals will equal one absence for purposes of determining participation in concerts and the YOPW program unless arrangements have been made prior to the absences.
  3. All absences must be called into the YOPW office (703-590-7083) or emailed ( by the student's parent or guardian, no later than 9:00 am the day of the rehearsal. A written note prior to the absence will be acceptable. Any late notice will be considered an unexcused absence.
  4. If you must leave rehearsal before your normal dismissal time, you must present to the Executive Director or Music Director a note from a parent or guardian asking for an early dismissal. Leaving rehearsals early disrupts the orchestra's preparation, is strongly discouraged, and should be done only in the event of illness or family emergency.
  5. Any student leaving at break time without permission will be considered absent for the entire rehearsal.
  6. If a student accumulates absences, the following will apply:
    1. Missing two rehearsals for any concert will result in a warning and parental contact.
    2. Missing three rehearsals or the dress rehearsal for any concert will require the conductor to evaluate the student's preparedness and determine whether the student may participate in the performance.
    3. A cumulative total of six absences at any point in the season will result in an evaluation of whether the student may continue with the YOPW program.