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Chris MacMurray Chamber Music Program

  • YOPW will sponsor chamber ensembles (string, brass, and woodwind) to enrich the YOPW instructional program. These groups serve as YOPW representatives for a variety of community service and private events. YOPW supports these ensembles by providing rehearsal space, coaching and loaning music for their use.
  1. This program is open to any musician enrolled in Repertory, Concert or Youth Symphony Orchestras. Musicians interested in participating in this program should inform the Executive Director and prepare to audition on September 21. Audition requirements are the same as those for the orchestra in which the musician participates, except students may select any two of the assigned scales and a solo of comparable difficulty may be substituted for the assigned orchestral excerpts.
  2. The chamber ensembles rehearse once a week with coaching from a professional musician every other week. YOPW will loan sheet music to these ensembles as selected by the coach and the ensemble.
  3. Each group will rehearse standard repertoire for that type of ensemble and is expected to perform annually at the YOPW Spring Recital and may be asked to perform at a minimum of two community service events that serve the Prince William area. Musicians will not be paid for these performances.

    YOPW often receives requests for ensembles to perform at private functions and YOPW books the chamber ensembles for these events. YOPW charges such clients to recover administrative costs and to provide an honorarium for each musician who participates in these performances.