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Concert Attire

  • Students must wear the specified concert attire for all performances. If a student is not dressed appropriately, he or she may not be permitted to perform or may be reseated for the performance.

    • Preparatory, Primo, and Repertory Orchestras:
      • Ladies – white blouse with long sleeves and appropriate neck line (no sheer sleeves), long, full black skirts, black hosiery, and black shoes. Only cellists may wear slacks.
      • Gentlemen – long-sleeved white dress shirt, with black bow tie, black slacks, black socks, black dress shoes.

    • Concert and Youth Symphony Orchestra:
      • Ladies – long black dresses with or without sleeves. (You may wear a long black skirt and a sleeved-black blouse in place of the dress, as long as it looks like one piece.) Appropriate necklines, no sequins, no sheer sleeves. Only cellists may wear slacks.
      • Gentlemen – black tuxedo or black suit with white dress shirt, black bow tie, black socks, black dress shoes.
    • Selection and Sources of Clothing: