Music for a lifetime: Educating musicians to create a better world


  1. All rehearsals will take place at Gar-Field High School, unless otherwise notified. (Please refer to the Season calendar and weekly announcements.)
  2. The regular rehearsal schedule is as follows:

      • Intro to Preparatory/Preparatory Orchestra/Primo Orchestra/Repertory Orchestra/Cadet Percussion
      • 6:30-7:45 p.m.
      • Concert Orchestra/YSO/Percussion Ensemble
      • 6:30-9:00 p.m.
  3. All rehearsals will begin promptly at the scheduled time. Musicians should arrive at least ten minutes before the start of rehearsals to be seated and tuned.
  4. A short rehearsal break may be scheduled for the Concert and Youth Symphony Orchestras. All musicians are expected to remain in the general rehearsal area and return to the rehearsal room on time.
  5. Rehearsals will conclude at the scheduled times, provided that the rehearsal begins on time. A conductor may on rare occasions extend a rehearsal for several minutes. When rehearsing pieces that do not require full instrumentation, those musicians not playing may be released early or asked to arrive later. In most cases, the conductor will schedule the rehearsal order to allow these dismissals. Whenever possible, these musicians will be notified at a prior rehearsal, by e-mail or by phone.
  6. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in any rehearsal room. (Water bottles are permitted as needed.)
  7. Musicians will not be permitted to do school work or any other activity during a rehearsal that will affect their concentration or that will distract other orchestra members.
  8. Cell phone use is prohibited during rehearsals and concerts. Any cell phone in the rehearsal or concert space should be silenced or turned off. This policy applies to all musicians as well as parents and other visitors who attend rehearsals and concerts.
  9. Musicians should place their instruments in their cases when they are not in use. Students should not touch other students' instruments without permission. Instruments are fragile, and students are to avoid running or horseplay to reduce the risk of damage to instruments. Read more about insuring your instrument.
  10. Behavior that interferes with concentration during rehearsals is inappropriate and will be addressed by YOPW. If a musician is inadequately prepared or engages in inappropriate behavior, the conductor or coach will speak to the musician and will notify the Executive Director. If the musician does not correct the inappropriate behavior at subsequent rehearsals, the parent or guardian will be notified. If a student continues to misbehave, the Executive Director will schedule a meeting with the musician, parents, and the conductor. Failure to correct behavior after this meeting may result in dismissal from the program.