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Sheet Music

  1. Practice copies of music will be posted on the online member board. Students are responsible for making copies prior to the first rehearsal. Close to the starting of the season, and once paid in full, students will receive the user id and password to the online member board via email. Students should sign up for the online member board as soon as they are registered so that they will have access to all ensemble information. Each member will be issued a music folder to hold all practice copies. No original parts may be taken home by any student unless the Executive Director or Music Director has given permission. All practice copies must be returned to YOPW no later than the day of the concert.
  2. Due to copyright restrictions, students must use original printed parts at performances, not photocopies.
  3. There will be a fine for lost or damaged music. The fines will be set at the replacement costs of the music plus postage and any late charges assessed to YOPW for rental music.