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Wind Symphony

Middle school age woodwind, brass, and percussion

Intermediate Wind Symphony:

The Intermediate Wind Symphony (IWS) is an ensemble open to grades 6-8 in which students continue to learn the fundamentals on their chosen instrument, increasing their range, learning scales, exploring dynamic contrasts, building rhythmic stability, and performing in each of the three concerts of the YOPW season. The goal is to provide all necessary tools for students to play and perform music confidently alone and in an ensemble. In this ensemble students are not only learning an art form but also practicing responsibility, accountability, and leadership.

The purpose of Intermediate Wind Symphony's curriculum is to prepare students for Advanced Wind Symphony and Concert Orchestra. Students in IWS will pria?rily be focusing on VBODA Grade 2 and 3 music with one Grade 4 piece in collaboration, allowing them to experience a full band experience and helping them to transition smoothly to Advanced Wind Symphony.

The IWS gives students an enriching outlet for performing through continuous individual instruction to each student, and working on traditional band works for the intermediate level musician.

Intermediate Wind Symphony Audition Requirements

  • Scales:

  • (Requirements for scales will follow Middle School VBODA requirements)

    Concert G, D, F, Bb, Eb, Ab (at least one octave, 2 is preferred)

    Chromatic: Two octaves

  • Prepared Selection:

  • Perform a selection that demonstrates your ability and facility on the instrument.

  • Sight-reading:

  • Students may be asked to Sight Read a short etude

Advanced Wind Symphony:

The Advanced Wind Symphony (AWS) is an ensemble open to grades 9-12 that is designed to foster musical knowledge, advanced skills and high motivation among the advanced wind, brass and percussion musicians. To achieve this, students not only work to improve their individual and ensemble performance but also develop their technique, theory, and aural skills. The proficiency they develop by doing so will allow them to perform advanced band repertoire with accuracy and communicate through their instruments with clarity.

AWS students will also have the opportunity to participate in Concert Orchestra under the Dual Enrollment program. This allows AWS students to perform in both Band and Orchestra ensembles giving them a diversity in repertoire and experience. Additionally, AWS students will have the opportunity to sign up to be a mentor to an Intermediate Wind Symphony student or section (woodwinds, brass, etc.) to help instruct and lead sectionals on concert repertoire. This opportunity is great for a student who wishes to gain leadership skills or for a student who wishes to pursue a degree in Music Education.

The Advanced Wind Symphony is more rigorous than Intermediate Wind Symphony with a high expectation in preparedness, accountability, and responsibility. Wind players in this ensemble are also being prepared for their future transition into Youth Symphony Orchestra, the most advanced orchestra in YOPW.

Advanced Wind Symphony Audition Requirements

Wind Symphony


  • Per Child: $550


  • Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from September – April. Please see the calendar for a complete listing and any exceptions.
  • Regular Rehearsal Times
  • 6:15 p.m. - 7:45 p.m.

See the Other Events Calendar for audition dates, times and locations.