The Percussion Ensemble provides its players an opportunity to prepare percussion ensemble literature and performs at several YOPW concerts during the season. All YOPW percussionists are members of this group in addition to performing with other major ensembles.

Coach: Ricardo Nunez

Rehearsal schedule: Mondays 6:30-9:00 p.m.


Snare Drum

  • Scales - Rudiments to be played open-close-open: Long roll, 5-stroke, 7-stroke, 9-stroke rolls, flams, flam-accents, ruff, paradiddle.

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  • Scales - Long roll (piano to forte to piano) plus be able to tune each tympani to a given pitch.

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  • Scales -Bb Major Scale two octaves slowly ascending and descending (Bb below the staff to Bb above the staff).

  • Chromatic scale in eighth notes ascending and descending from as low as you can play to as high as you can play. (MM: Quarter note = 96.)

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