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Concert Dress

Parents often have questions about concert dress:

What is my student supposed to wear?
Is there anything I should be looking for, in addition to the right colors?
Where can I find this clothing?

We will try to deal with these questions below:

Concert Dress Requirements

The YOPW concert dress code is listed on our Concert Attire Policies. The problems we see most frequently on concert days are short or knee-length skirts, white socks, and athletic shoes. We usually have a few pairs of black socks available at concerts and will ask your student to change if he is not wearing black socks.

Clothing for Musicians

In addition to the right colors, you should pay attention to how the garment fits as your student plays. Do the sleeves allow your flautist or violinist to hold their arms up comfortably? Does the garment fit too tightly to allow your string player or percussionist to move freely? Is your daughter's skirt full enough so that she can position her legs comfortably as she plays? In addition to size and cut, you might also consider the type of fabric when purchasing musicians' garments. For instance, tuxedos made from synthetics are often more comfortable than wool, because there is more give to the fabric. Your students' performance dress should allow them to feel as comfortable as they do in their street clothes.

Sources of Clothing

You should be able to find most garments at regular clothing stores, and we encourage you to shop locally, so that your musicians can try garments before you buy. However, some items may be more of a challenge, particularly for girls. There are a number of specialty firms that cater to musicians' clothing needs. We've reviewed the following companies, and, although we haven't ordered from them, their products appear to be quality garments.