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Large Ensembles

Introduction to Preparatory

Introduction to Preparatory program began in September, 2009 and is designed for students who wish to learn to play a string instrument but have little to no experience. The program accepts students who have never touched a string instrument before and develops their skill so that they are ready to join the Preparatory Orchestra when it begins in November.

Preparatory Orchestra

Beginning string ensemble

Prepatory orchestra was formed in January, 2001 and provides a beginning orchestral experience for string players of new ability. The primary emphasis of this ensemble is to teach beginning ensemble skills, orchestra rehearsal etiquette, and to help facilitate note-reading skills. Typical students are participants in fifth or sixth grade string programs who desire additional challenges and enrichment. This orchestra begins rehearsals in December.

Primo Orchestra

Performs grade 2-3 string orchestra literature

Primo orchestra develops basic technical and ensemble skills and encourages long-term interest in string performance. Typical new Primo members have studied their instruments for at least a year or two and have mastered basic technical and note-reading skills. The ensemble performs Grade 2-3 string orchestra literature.

Cadet Percussion Ensemble

YOPW offers percussion training for intermediate level percussionists in our Cadet Percussion Ensemble. Cadet Percussion members rehearse weekly during the season and perform with our Preparatory, Primo, and Repertory Orchestras.

Repertory Orchestra

Performs grade 3-4 string orchestra literature

Repertory Orchestra provides opportunities for the intermediate string player. A greater range of repertoire are introduced, along with advanced bowing and fingering techniques. Students are exposed to music theory. This orchestra performs Grade 3-4 orchestra literature.

Concert Orchestra

Symphonic Orchestra

Concert orchestra is a full orchestra with winds and percussion in which students master more difficult repertoire. Advanced technical skills are emphasized, and additional music theory is incorporated into rehearsals.

Percussion Ensemble

The percussion ensemble was formed in 2006. This ensemble provides YOPW percussion players an opportunity to prepare percussion ensemble literature and performs at several YOPW concerts during the season. All YOPW percussionists are members of this group in addition to performing with other major ensembles.

Youth Symphony Orchestra

Advanced Symphonic Orchestra

The youth symphony orchestra is the most advanced orchestra and performs standard orchestral literature. In addition to orchestral training and performance, YSO sponsors several student chamber groups that have additional performance opportunities.