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Parent Information


  • Prior to the annual meeting YOPW will host a meet and greet reception. Parents are asked to bring small plates of food and drinks to share with other families. This is an opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones
  • YOPW hosts an annual meeting on the first rehearsal of the season in September. At this meeting, parents get to meet YOPW Board of Directors, as well as artistic and administrative staff. The president of the Board together with the Executive Director presents an overview of the finances of the corporation and discusses any changes in the upcoming season. Finally, the Executive Director presents the season calendar and opens the floor for Q&A
  • Parents interested in YOPW Chamber Program are invited to attend a separate meeting with the Chamber Coach. This meeting provides an overview of the program and gives an opportunity for Q&A
  • Parents and students of Introduction to Preparatory and Preparatory Orchestra are encouraged to attend this meeting to meet the conductor and coach and also get acquainted with fellow students of the ensemble. Intro to Prep starts later in September and Preparatory Orchestra starts in late November


  • Parents/guardians of YOPW students are required to fulfill a minimum of 2 volunteer requirements during the year. This requirements is by household and not by number of students enrolled in the program
  • Parents can choose to volunteer their time or to fulfill their duty by donating items to resale at concession sale. This is an ongoing fund
  • Parent Volunteer sign up HERE


  • During rehearsals parents are welcome to hear the rehearsal if the space allows it. Parents are not allowed at the Library due to host school restrictions
  • Parents are welcome to wait in the designated seating areas within the first floor of our host school